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Chairman & Patron talk buzz

Clowning around

Warden in action


Carpark duty at the Prime Ministers dinner

Waiting for the Maori Queen

Our warden bros from Takitimu


Wardens off to Mahi

 Setting the scene

Woa...did you see that dude? 

Far out!!...I can't see!!

Whats the name of that song Les?

Far out!!...I still can't see!!

Simon says.....!!!

The spaghetti yeti


Whose idea was this anyway PJ?

Mess with the know the rest

Can I get a piggy back Jacqie?

(Bet I can make these critters fall eh!)


Praise be to the lord

I know I saw a tiger in there!


Who said we couldn't do it huh?

Over that fence and your poaching

The "A TEAM" minus Mr "T"

In a line, in a line, in a line....