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Nga Rangatahi Watene Maori o te Awa o Whanganui was formed on March 17,1996 as a result of the Aotea District Maori Wardens Association,detaching itself from the National body of New Zealand Maori Wardens Association(Inc).

Within the ranks of one of Aotea District Maori wardens Association,Sub branches,there were a number of Wardens who wished to remain with the National body.Without a Sub branch or District Maori Wardens umbrella,a meeting of individual Maori Wardens was held and ultimately,Nga Rangatahi Watene Maori o te Awa o Whanganui,(Rivercity Maori Wardens) was born.

From the conception of this group six years ago,to the present day,the main focus has been the total promotion and fostering of Maori Wardens,in particular,the induction of Rangatahi into its ranks so they may learn the required skills and roles of the Maori Warden in our rapidly changing Society,enabling them to carry on the Mahi of our Forefathers.

We have four categories of Warden,those being;The warranted warden,The warden Trainee,The Cadet Warden and the Warden Cub.

Warden Cubs are inducted at the age of six years old to eleven.Cadets are inducted from twelve to sixteen years old.Trainees are inducted from seventeen years of age and over.At the present time our numbers stand at thirty-two.

All Wardens,Trainees and Cadets/Cubs are expected to undergo a rigorous training course in keeping with the Community Development Act 1962 whereby,they are educated in their role as it pertains to the Aotea District Maori Council under who we are governed.However,we are always mindful that Maori Wardens were set up for the people,by the people,so our number one commitment is to the Iwi of Atihaunui-A-Paparangi where-ever and when-ever we may be needed.

Also acknowledged,is the need to promote a positive profile in the wider Community in order to project our effectiveness,professionalism,accountability and efficiency while being always aware,that the image of Maori Wardens is interpreted by their presentation and performance.

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