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This is a behavior modification program targeted at primarily disruptive children in school. It is a preventative approach to the negative influence in the community, which impede on the well-being and social development of youth behavior and is designed to enable young people to adopt life skills to resist and overcome the pressures and influences they will encounter in life.

Seeking the need. Clarifying the need. Addressing the need. Meeting the need.

Kiwi Cadets is about giving the children an opportunity to assist the teachers in helping to make their school a safe and enjoyable environment. This idea came from the S.C.A.M. program and was piloted at Castlecliff School with co-operation from the principal and children. The purpose of this
exercise was also to allow the children the experience of taking responsibility and making acceptable
choices it is an ongoing program available to all schools.

This is an Anger Management program focused on identifying the most common types of anger that cause people to react in a hostile and destructive way The objective of this program is to educate and assist the individual develop learning skills to enable them to better cope in a hostile and volatile environment. Anger is an
Accumulation of Nasty Germs that attack Emotions causing them to Rage out of control.

How many times are the words Anger and Violent unintentionally incorporated to give the misleading impression that both are one and the same?

There are numerous forms of Anger that affect people from all walks of life in various ways.
It is commonly accepted that all people display some form of Anger at sometime or other as they tread life's pathway, therefore, it would be logical to assume that it is the way in which one chooses to control their Anger that determines an even balance. Only then can the healing process begin keeping in mind that it takes Time-Patience-Understanding and above all…..Commitment.

T.Y.L.A. (Turn Your Life Around)
This is an outward-bound program that provides youth in particular with an opportunity to turn their life around by offering them a last chance alternative as opposed to a custodial sentence.

What Does T.Y.L.A. Do?

T.Y.L.A. picks up youth who have reached rock bottom where most avenues have been tried and failed and helps them to retrieve a sense of purpose in relation to having aims and objectives in their lives. T.Y.L.A. helps youth who are dysfunctional in their environment and have developed an Anti-Social Attitude, Peer Pressure, Stress, Criminal Tendencies etc.

What Does T.Y.L.A. Provide?

T.Y.L.A. provides assistance by way of an outlet to the following departments in their endeavor to curb rising crime rate among youth populations.

1. Justice Department. ------ Courts ---- Police.

2. Children, Young Persons, and their Families.

3. Ministry of Education.

4. Schools.

T.Y.L.A. Does Not:

1. Pamper or Pet Youth.

2.Verbally or physically abuse Youth.

3. Baby-sit Youth

4. Make promises it cannot keep.

T.Y.L.A. does not provide a copout from school or a fast ticket out of prison.

T.Y.L.A. is not another Boot Camp or a Picnic.

This is a program designed to assist youth between the ages of nine to twenty five years old and is focused on two categories of offending, Minor and Extreme.

Suicide Prevention Program for Youth.

The list of reasons for Youth Suicide can go on forever they are numerous, however, the most common of all statements that suggest there is a problem begin with verbal comments such as; No-one loves me.
No one cares.
No-one's listening.
Who gives a shit, I wish I were dead.

The THISTLES THORNS AND TURMOIL program was created and initiated for Youth by Youth who do give a shit. It takes Youth back to the basics of life. It assists Youth to cope with the everyday stress of living in today's society and most importantly, it helps them to realize that they are a unique and important person and that life Is really worth living.

At the present time Thistles, Thorns and Turmoil program is being trialed in Whanganui and Taranaki. It is hoped that it can be expanded into other Communities as and when resources become available.

For the Terminally ill and their Families.

This program is dedicated to those special people we were fortunate to meet and who shared with us their most intimate reflections, feelings (joyful & sad) and final moments on this earth. People who for obvious reasons shall remain anonymous saw a need for the creation of a program such as this. It is never easy to accept the fact that you are going to die eventually but when you are told that you have an incurable disease and you will die sooner than later shock, sadness and depression are just some of the symptoms that occur within. For some family members it will be shattering news and in some cases they are likely to be more effected by it emotionally long after the individual has
passed on. When someone is terminally ill they often have mood swings from time to time which is to be expected and do not like to be pampered or waited on every minute of the day there may also be days when all they want to do is talk. The most important thing we have experienced while providing homecare for terminally ill individuals is that they appreciate honesty and have no time for sympathy or idle chatter

This program covers such topics as:

1.Discovery and Reaction.


3.Learning to Cope.

4.Peace of Mind.

5.Moving On.

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