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All Trainees are required to undergo a training period of at least one year. In that time, they are trained in all aspects of Maori Warden protocol from Marae Catering through to Office Administration. At the end of that twelve month period, trainees are then required to sit a written, oral and practical exam. This will determine weather they are prepared and ready for the responsibility of being a Warranted Warden.

There are special qualities which make up a Maori Warden that serve to enhance themselves and the Association to whom they belong as well as the Community in which they serve.

When training to be a Maori Warden you must learn:


(a) For each other.
(b) For the mahi.
(c) For the Kaupapa.
(d) For yourself.


(a) Patience in coping with difficult situations.
(b) Self control when those around you are antagonistic.
(c) Tolerant of those who seek to verbally/physically abuse.
(d) Tolerant of those who do not understand the mahi or Kaupapa of Maori Wardens.


(a) Showing Aroha Ki Te Tangata.
(b) Maanaakitanga.

To our people, To the Community, To each other.


(a) Dedication.
(b) Loyalty.
(c) Giving 100%.


Lending a sympathetic ear as and when required.


(a) Ability to cope with insults.
(b) Ability to handle abuse and turn the other cheek.
(c) Ability to keep an open mind.


To keep the affairs of the Association and its clients within the confines of the Association. All Wardens, Trainees and Cadets are required to maintain strict confidentiality at all times.


Ability to listen to both sides of a dispute and remain neutral and Non-judgmental.

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