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Warden training is continuous from cadet level to the warranted warden so training programs are set out accordingly on three separate levels. Warden induction is very intense beginning at Association level, progressing to Marae level culminating in a final appearance at Antae District Maori Council level. Before any prospective warden is sponsored by this association to attain warranted status, they must undergo various training exercises at the end of which they are tested with a written, oral and practical exam.

All Wardens Trainees and Cadets are expected to undertake training in

1: All aspects of the Community Development Act 1962 pertaining to Maori Wardens.

2: the constitution, rules and regulations of the New Zealand Maori Wardens Association (Inc).

3: Basic First-aid.

4: Civil defense.

5: Radio and Communications.

6: Office Administration.

7: Negotiation and mediation skills.

8: Counseling training.

9: Security.

10. Traffic Control.

11: Marae catering.

They are also trained to demonstrate - Tolerance, discipline, Compassion, Understanding and respect. The various programs that are run regularly, require our wardens to possess certain skills in order to apply themselves to any and all situations that may occur, therefore, training in all of the above is essential.

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