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  . . . . . . . G O B U S H !

Day one
was really exciting because for starters, it wasn’t really day it was night before we finally started out.
Unknown Destination
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Estimated Time of arrival
Friday 4:30pm(it was now Friday, 6:15pm)
So far no points for punctuality, HOWEVER at this stage of the journey, we kinda figured that Maori time starts when you wake up and finishes when you go to bed.

Our excursion was aptly named, Maori Warden Teambuilding Exercise as we were about to find out in the not too distant future just what that entailed and whether it confirmed our interpretation. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching the smog-drenched lights of the city fade slowly, (in our case fast) into the distance to be suddenly replaced by pitch black.
I couldn’t help wondering if there were any others as impulsive or adventurous as us to choose the wettest, windiest uglyest night in the middle of winter to be taking this excursion. I must add that we were the oddest of groups with ailments of every kind imaginable plaguing many of us, from artificial hips, arthritic and heart conditions to diabetes and common flu. Odd may not be the word, I’d call it blind courage maybe because that sounds better.