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Hi Everyone.

Well at long last,we have finished doing a complete reconstruction of our site and due to popular demand,we have included this,the first of our monthly newsletters so now we will be able to bring you Warden news from in and around the Whanganui region.It is also our hope to post news from Maori Warden organizations in other Districts of New Zealand should they wish to write in.
JUNE 2002

We decided that we needed a break from Urban life so contacted Jackies brother, G.I George to see if he could arrange a weekend away for our group of Wardens.

Well he certainly organised it and with help from two of his buddies, they took us through our paces on what turned out to be the weekend of the big WEATHER BOMB!!

Click on the link below to read the full story.

Another new feature on our site is our recently compiled Maori Warden Museum which we hope you'll enjoy touring.Many thanks to the watene and their families who generously gave their time to supply the information to make this happen. We will be adding to this feature on a regular basis as we get around the numerous Watene who still have to be interviewed.  


Our condolences go out to the families of the following Whanganui Watene who have passed away recently.

Marjorie Allen
James Nuku
Bella Johnson

Another feature soon to appear on our site,will be a Maori warden Directory for use by both Warden Organisations who want to post their details and for members of the public who need to locate wardens in their City or Town… come on Watene, start tapping your keyboards or putting pen to paper and let everyone know where you are.    

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